F.A.F.O. Anointing Oil

F.A.F.O. Anointing Oil

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For those who constantly feel drained or energetically under attack, this is the oil for you. FAFO (F-k Around & Find Out), is a protection oil. Use it to anoint yourself before going into tense situations, or being in surroundings unfamiliar to you. This sacred oil contains a mixture of essential oils, herbs, as well as black tourmaline crystals to boost the protective energy.

Charged and blessed under the appropriate lunar phase, this oil will add a prickly wallop when your energetic boundaries are being rudely infringed upon.

Each 1oz bottle contains:
Orange, black peppercorn, black tourmaline, sunflower seed oil, mixture of essential oils

**Product Safety Warning:

CONTAINS CITRUS & PEPPER!!! If you are allergic to these two in any way, DO NOT use.

Use caution if pregnant or nursing, keep away from children and pets, do not ingest or apply to sensitive skin areas or use internally.

If you have allergies or are concerned about ingredients, please contact me first before purchasing.**