Blue Lace Agate


One of the most popular crystals out there, Blue Lace Agate is a powerhouse when it comes to communication. This stone, also known as Blue Chalcedony (Blue Lace Agate is a banded form for chalcedony), is a go to for those who are orators, teachers, diplomats, actors,...EVERYBODY actually. It is a soothing stone but also helps people to gain a sense of self-confidence that they might not normally have.

For energy workers, this is a great stone to have in your kit for working on throat chakra blockages. For people who are going through their process of healing, being able to use their voice to bring forth the truths of their existence, their journey in life, is extremely important. Blue Lace Agate brings out that inner strength that allows one to freely use their voice as needed.

This stone is associated with the element of water, and is great for those who fall under the zodiac signs of Pisces & Gemini. The best way to have this stone on you is to wear it as a pendant, which will place its energies close to the throat chakra.