A crystal for developing one's intuition, psychic abilities, and also serves as a strong form of energetic protection. Amethyst is one of the power hitters that most people should not be without. Whether you wear it in a piece of jewelry, carry it around in your bra or pocket, or have a large piece displayed proudly in your sacred space, amethyst is a stone that even though common, it is anything but ordinary.

Amethyst is a form of quartz that gets its purple color from trace amounts of iron and other minerals that are irradiated over time from the natural radiation found in the rocks it forms in. It can come in a light violet color, to a deep purple color, and anything in between.

I personally use this stone in my reiki practice A LOT. I find that no matter what the issue is that my clients are having, they need the soothing protective energies of Amethyst. In my experience, it balances out the over active, and under active energies of a person, and helps them to become more open to the energetic work that is taking place. Whenever I have placed a piece on the third eye of a client and then connected with them energetically, they would tell me afterwards that they felt a pulling sensation or a pop in that area as if they were opening up. (Hence the awakening of the Third Eye or, activation of one's psychic abilities.)

Meditating daily with this crystal or even having a piece with you while pulling oracle or tarot cards can help your reading flow better, and improve your intuition. All of my intuitive readers out there, this is the stone for you.

This stone is like a mother who helps to open up a world of possibilities for her child, guides them, and protects them as they proceed on their journey. A great starter crystal for anyone wanting to walk a more spiritual and connected path.