Kachi /kah-she/

Designs By Kachi was started as a passion project. I grew up around
art. More specifically, art in the form of jewelry. It influenced almost
every aspect of my life while growing up, and then turned into an
undeniable beacon of inspiration for me in adulthood.

When not raising my young family or working full time, I used what little free
time I had to put towards developing my craft. My efforts paid off as
more and more people gave positive feedback to my creations. After years
of creating for myself, friends and family, I finally decided to take
that leap of faith and bring Designs By Kachi to the world.

Designs By Kachi is more than just a shop for beautiful jewelry, I am striving
to make it a place of balance, knowledge, and healing for all of those
who venture to my site.

Being a certified Crystal Therapist
& Reiki Master, I am incorporating my knowledge and love of
crystals & gemstones, along with their spiritual applications to
help those who purchase my pieces, bring a little bit of light to their
lives. My site also has other products that utilize the healing energy
of crystals, as well as explain their benefits.

I’m still a small
business, but I have big aspirations. I still have hiccups here and
there while navigating being a business owner, but I push myself to go
beyond my current limits and comfort zones. And because of this I am
evolving just as my business is.

I hope all who come here, find a bit of light for themselves, and anyone else who holds a special place in their lives.